The DDYL List.

Call it a bucket list, project, or wish list…

I call it my Don’t Dream Your Life list.

I created this list to show you that it’s possible to work on your dreams. It does not matter how big they are, how many or few you have. How old you are and where you live. Make a list and start. Just start!

The following list is the result. This list is regularly updated.

  1. Create one or more online businesses
  2. HandPan concert in front of 100 people
  3. Paint a mural
  4. Catch a wild salmon
  5. Travel Vietnam by motorbike
  6. Learn how to draw Bonsai trees
  7. Germany to China on a motorbike
  8. See an iceberg and drink a coke with a piece of it
  9. Exhibit my art in a gallery
  10. Try Wakeboarding
  11. Fly in a very old plane
  12. Learn skills about human behavior
  13. Trekking the Taiga(Russia)
  14. Document my life
  15. Go paragliding
  16. Have an art studio
  17. Improve communication skills
  18. Go whitewater kayaking
  19. Learn weaving palm tree hats
  20. Learn better Smalltalk
  21. Paint 1000 pictures in my life
  22. Do a silent retreat
  23. Spend a couple of weeks in total wilderness
  24. Learn to play 2 songs on the Piano
  25. Create one offline Business
  26. Travel to the Fiji Islands
  27. Swim in a deep Gorge
  28. Hitchhike in New Zealand
  29. Overnight on a remote Island
  30. Go hiking in the Himalaya Mountains
  31. Help 10.000.000 people with the DDYL project
  32. Invent a fun Product
  33. Learn how to draw people and faces
  34. Learn to ride the reverse bicycle
  35. Hitchhike in Europe
  36. Learn to play 3 songs on the Ukulele
  37. Learn to play 3 songs on the guitar
  38. Understand Spanish and speak fluently
  39. Design and make my own PCB
  40. Travel Mongolia by motorbike
  41. Ride the Trans-Siberian train in Russia
  1. Packrafting Danube river – Germany- > Black sea
  2. Fly a Helicopter
  3. Build my own FPV drone
  4. Learn how to fold the famous Kawasaki Origami rose
  5. Carve a coconut
  6. Write a book on self-improvement
  7. Find gold in Australia
  8. Learn how to weld metal
  9. Learn Programming
  10. Write a book about Work&Tarvel in Australia
  11. Catch a huge Barramundi in Australia
  12. Carve a rock
  13. Learn calligraphy with a ballpoint pen
  14. Learn Photoshop, Affinity Photo
  15. Own a little farm
  16. Sell my art
  17. Write a book about my life
  18. Buy a van and convert to a Camper
  19. Learn Juggling
  20. Explore all the Greek islands
  21. Convert a boat to a houseboat
  22. Trekking in the wilderness of Canada
  23. Create awesome Videos
  24. Cross the Atlantic in a Sailing boat
  25. Swim in a cenote
  26. Swim with sharks
  27. Swim in a cave
  28. Explore all of the Fiji Islands
  29. Look for gold on bedrock in a river
  30. Fall in love
  31. Build a log house in the woods
  32. Life on a houseboat
  33. Convert a big van to a camper
  34. Try Surfing
  35. Build a tiny house live/rent
  36. Own and fly the DJI Drohne
  37. Become a better writer and speaker
  38. Repair and restore a car engine by myself
  1. Become a better writer and speaker
  2. Repair and restore a car engine by myself
  3. Jump out of a plane
  4. Experience zero gravity
  5. Learn how to sail
  6. Learn to fly an FPV racing drone
  7. Carve a wooden spoon set
  8. Catch a pike in Sweden
  9. Learn to ride the mono Wheel
  10. Do a Bungee Jump
  11. Visit the Castaway Island from the movie
  12. Drive a car over 250km/h
  13. Drive a 4×4 in a dessert
  14. Go to Burning Man
  15. Share my story with the world
  16. Buy and restore an old Vespa
  17. Make a rap music video and publish it
  18. Drive a huge Traktor
  19. Do a bike packing trip
  20. Try micro dosing
  21. Travel to Belize
  22. Publish my first video on Youtube
  23. Go trekking in the Alps
  24. Drive around the Australian continent
  25. Spend a month in nature (disconnect)
  26. Learn to spin a basketball on my finger
  27. Hitchhike in Canada
  28. Travel Europe by Van
  29. Learn how to airbrush
  30. Learn Rock balancing
  31. Travel to Mexico
  32. Travel to Guatemala
  33. Why stop here… ?

BOLD: Working on it right now| Normal Text: Planed | Strikethrough: Done

The List Items

List Items

Every item of this list has its own story.

In this section, you will find a short description of every item of the list.

Some older items have a short story and some are well documented and have even a video where I explain everything in detail.

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