The DDYL List.

Call it a bucket list, project, or wish list…

I call it my Don’t Dream Your Life list.

I created this list to show you that it’s possible to work on your dreams. It does not matter how big they are, how many or few you have. How old you are and where you live. Make a list and start. Just start!

Sometimes people ask me how they can help me with my dreams. If you want to feel free to help me with one of the items on the list. If I help people, I expect nothing in return. Never!

The following list is the result. This list is regularly updated.

  1. Create one or more online businesses
  2. HandPan concert in front of 100 people
  3. Paint a mural
  4. Catch a wild salmon
  5. Travel Vietnam by motorbike
  6. Learn how to draw Bonsai trees
  7. Germany to China on a motorbike
  8. See an iceberg and drink a coke with a piece of it
  9. Exhibit my art in a gallery or museum
  10. Try wakeboarding
  11. Fly in a very old plane
  12. Learn skills about human behavior
  13. Trekking the Taiga(Russia)
  14. Document my life
  15. Go paragliding
  16. Have an art studio
  17. Improve communication skills
  18. Go whitewater kayaking
  19. Learn weaving palm tree hats
  20. Learn better Smalltalk
  21. Paint 1000 pictures in my life
  22. Do a silent retreat
  23. Spend a couple of weeks in total wilderness
  24. Learn to play 2 songs on the Piano
  25. Create one offline Business
  26. Travel to the Fiji Islands
  27. Swim in a deep Gorge
  28. Buy a pine tree forest
  29. Hitchhike in New Zealand
  30. Overnight on a remote Island
  31. Spend a night in Jail
  32. Go hiking in the Himalaya Mountains
  33. Help 10.000.000 people with the DDYL project
  34. Invent a fun Product
  35. Learn how to draw people and faces
  36. Learn to ride the reverse bicycle
  37. Create short animation with clay
  38. Hitchhike in Europe
  39. Learn to play 3 songs on the Ukulele
  40. Learn to play 3 songs on the guitar
  41. Make a movie for the cinema
  42. Understand Spanish and speak fluently
  43. Design and make my own PCB
  44. Travel Mongolia by motorbike
  45. Collect rubbish on a remote beach
  46. Ride the Trans-Siberian train in Russia
  1. Packrafting Danube river – Germany- > Black sea
  2. Fly a Helicopter
  3. Build my own FPV drone
  4. Learn how to fold the famous Kawasaki Origami rose
  5. Write and send a newsletter once a week
  6. Carve a coconut
  7. Write a book on self-improvement
  8. Learn video editing
  9. Find gold in Australia
  10. Learn how to weld metal
  11. Learn Programming: Assembler, Cobol, C++, Java, JS, Angular, CSS
  12. Write a book about Work&Tarvel in Australia
  13. Own and rent multiple houses
  14. Own a launderette
  15. Catch a huge Barramundi in Australia
  16. Carve a rock
  17. Learn calligraphy with a ballpoint pen
  18. Learn Photoshop, Affinity Photo
  19. Own a little farm
  20. Sell my art
  21. Write a book about my life
  22. Buy a van and convert to a Camper
  23. Learn Juggling
  24. Explore all the greek islands
  25. Convert a boat to a houseboat and live in it
  26. Trekking in the wilderness of Canada
  27. Create awesome Videos for the DDYL project
  28. Play with a nitro RC car
  29. Cross the Atlantic in a Sailing boat (my own?)
  30. Build a moving cubes Sculpture
  31. Learn metal engraving
  32. Swim in a cenote
  33. Swim with sharks
  34. Swim in a cave
  35. Explore all of the Fiji Islands
  36. Look for gold on bedrock in a river
  37. Fall in love
  38. Build a log house in the woods
  39. Learn to play the HandPan
  40. Make a million
  41. Life on a houseboat
  42. Train a deeper voice
  43. Convert a big van to a camper
  1. Try Surfing
  2. Build a tiny house live/rent
  3. Own and fly the DJI Drohne
  4. Become a better writer and speaker
  5. Repair and restore a car engine by myself
  6. Try Paint technics Acrylics, Aquarel, Oil, Ink
  7. Jump out of a plane
  8. Experience zero gravity
  9. Learn how to sail
  10. Learn to fly an FPV racing drone
  11. Carve a wooden spoon set
  12. Catch a pike in Sweden
  13. Learn to ride the monowheel
  14. Do a Bungee Jump
  15. Visit the Castaway Island from the movie
  16. Drive a car over 250km/h
  17. Drive a 4×4 in a dessert
  18. Go to Burning Man
  19. Share my story with the world
  20. Make a light art sculpture
  21. Buy and restore an old Vespa
  22. Make a rap music video and publish it
  23. Make Whistle out of a wooden branch
  24. Tattoo myself
  25. Drive a huge Traktor
  26. Do a bike packing trip
  27. Try microdosing
  28. Travel to Belize
  29. Learn to repair cars
  30. Learn how WordPress works
  31. Publish my first video on Youtube
  32. Go trekking in the Alps
  33. Drive around the Australian continent
  34. Spend a month in nature (disconnect)
  35. Learn to spin a basketball on my finger
  36. Hitchhike in Canada
  37. Travel Europe by Van
  38. Learn how to airbrush
  39. Learn Rock balancing
  40. Travel to Mexico
  41. Travel to Guatemala
  42. Why stop here… ?

BOLD: Working on it right now| Normal Text: Planed | Strikethrough: Done

The List Items

List Items

Every item of this list has its own story.

In this section, you will find a short description of every item of the list.

Some older items have a short story and some are well documented and have even a video where I explain everything in detail.

Click on the button of the Item to read the full story.

Create an Online Business

dreams don't work unless you do

One day I would like to create and run one or multiple online businesses.

But for a start, one should be enough. Haha.

Click on the button to read why.

Give a Hand Pan Concert


The first time I heard someone playing the hand pan, was in 2012.

On this day I decided that I want to learn to play the hand pan.

Finally 2019, after 7 years I bought my own hand pan and started to practice.

Paint a Mural

The first really awesome mural I saw in Melbourne Australia. This was the point where I thought:

“Ok, I want to learn that and paint my own big piece one day!”

That was back in 2012. I started to research on that topic and learn step by step to paint with a spray can.

Catch a Wild Salmon

dreams don't work unless you do

I like to go fishing and would like to catch a wild salmon.


Because catch big wild salmon is simply a dream of every angler.

Travel Vietnam by Motorbike

dreams don't work unless you do

Once I watched a documentary about a guy traveling the world by motorbike.

In one of the episodes, he crossed Vietnam.

I was fascinated and decided that one day I’m going to travel to Vietnam by motorbike myself.

Learn How to Draw Bonsai Trees


One day while hitchhiking, I thought…

“Why not give a little present to the people who give me a ride and host me in their homes?”

It should be something special, small, personal and preferably not long to make.

So I came up with the Idea to draw little bonsai trees as a gift.

And from here the Lucky Bonsai idea was born.

Germany to China on a Motorbike

dreams don't work unless you do

Would it not be awesome to travel across all countries between Germany and China by motorbike?

Of course, it would be awesome!

I’m in, let’s do it!

Drink a Coke With a Piece From an Iceberg

dreams don't work unless you do

I’ve never been so far up north.

The furthest I went was Stockholm in Sweden.

That would be the perfect opportunity to travel as far north as possible and chop a piece of an iceberg in my glass of coke.

Exhibit My Art in a Gallery or Museum

dreams don't work unless you do

People often say about themselves: “I can’t paint or draw. I’m not creative enough.”

And I say bulls**t!

Each of us is an artist in his own and unique way. And everyone can draw.

Even if it’s just a stick figure.

So why not show it to the world in a museum?

Go Wakeboarding


One day I wanted to learn wakeboarding.

In the summer of 2017, I went wakeboarding in the Netherlands.

It took me a couple of hours to make some progress. But finally, I could stand on the board.

It’s a great feeling to stand on the wakeboard and get pulled by the powerful cable.

Fly In a Very Old Plane

dreams don't work unless you do

Old planes fascinate me. How did people build such complex machines without a computer?

I think it is very exciting to fly in such a way because you do not know whether this plane continues to fly or crashes in the next moment. Haha..

I would like to experience it myself and fly in a big old airplane.

Learn Skills To Understand Human Behavior Better

I’ve always been interested in human behavior and the psychology behind it.

I would like to learn more about this field.

Trekking The Taiga Region(Russia)

dreams don't work unless you do

The Taiga region is a very special place.

I’ve never been there, but I know it from videos and stories from people.

I love nature and that’s why I would love to go there.

Document My Life

Why someone would do that you might think.

I mean why not? Why not let the world know that you exist and what you do during your short life on this planet?

It doesn’t really matter if you do something special or not. It might help someone out there if he or she reads your story and get inspired by something you do, say or show.

Even if it’s just one person. I think everyone should do it. Because you never know what will happen if you do.

Go Paragliding


Who would not like to fly like a bird once? How does it feel?

I had no idea but I wanted to know.

So I went paragliding in Guatemala with one of the international paragliding champions.

We even did some stunts and I had to hold my puke till the landing. Haha..

And it was great!

Have An Art Studio

dreams don't work unless you do

It would be awesome to have a place where I can paint, create, do things like carving rocks, build sculptures and other art stuff.

I also would love to share this space with other artists, organize art exhibitions, meetups and create art together.

Improve Communication Skills

dreams don't work unless you do

Over the past few years, I have noticed that I am talking less and less with people and that a lot of people use email and chat.

We alienate from each other. I think that’s a bad thing.

That’s why I want to counteract this and keep improving my communication skills and become a Better Communicator.

Go White Water Kayaking

dreams don't work unless you do

There is something special about white water kayaking in a wild river.

That’s why I would like to try it out one day.

Learn Weaving Palm Tree Hats


Why would someone like to learn that skill?

Oh, that’s simple. Just imagine..

You are in on a tropical Island and the Sun is very strong. You forgot to bring your hat. Just cut a palm tree leaf and make your own. Haha.

I learned this from a guy on Fiji Island. Now I can weave my own hat every time I find a palm leaf. And that’s awesome.

Learn Better Smalltalk

dreams don't work unless you do

More and more people (including me) are forgetting how to communicate properly and to have good and profound conversations.

That’s why I want to improve my communication skills and become a better communicator

Paint 1000 Pictures In My Life


This is continuous progress. I started drawing and painting when I was little.

As I grew up I drew less and less.

Nowadays I don’t draw and I don’t paint anymore.

I want to change that and start painting, drawing and creating art again.

Do a Silent Retreat

dreams don't work unless you do

It’s important to relax from time to time and disconnect from the world and the noise.

Especially in the age of social media and the constant noise around us.

Why not go to a silent retreat and spent a week or two in complete silence with your own thoughts?

Spend a Couple Of Weeks In the Wild

dreams don't work unless you do

Disconnect from everything and enjoy the silence and the peace of mother nature.

We all should do it more often.

Live in a log house or go trekking for a couple of weeks?

Learn To Play 2 Songs On The Piano

dreams don't work unless you do

For a couple of weeks, I had access to a piano.

So why not start learning how to play a couple of songs? Haha.

That’s what I did during this time.

Create One Offline Business

dreams don't work unless you do

It’s always good to have something offline besides the online business.

Multiple income streams are better than one. Right?

Travel To The Fiji Islands


After my work and travel adventure in Australia in 2012, I flew over to the Fiji Island and spent 3 weeks traveling there.

Best and most beautiful remote beaches I’ve seen so far.

I’ll come back that’s for sure!

Swim In a Deep Gorge


Climb down a gorge and find a big pool with ice-cold freshwater down there.

Why not jump in? 

That’s what I thought when we went down a gorge in Australia.

Click the button to read the full story.

Buy a Pine Tree Forest

dreams don't work unless you do

I love pine trees!. Don’t ask me why. I don’t really know. Haha.

but there is something special when you walk into a pine forest.

It’s a mystical atmosphere, smells really good and I love it.

Why not buy a small piece of forest and build a little cabin in the middle?

Hitchhike In New Zealand

dreams don't work unless you do

I Always wanted to go to New Zealand.

Why not hitchhike and meet the locals this way?

Or even go by bike?

Let me share my plan with you.

I started this list in 2013. After writing down my dreams for my future, I thought about my past, all my projects, creations, skills I learned and the adventures I have ever been on. I even went through all the photos my family owns.

Here I realized something wired. It seems like my journey to pursuing my dreams, projects and ideas started a long time ago.

When an idea came to my mind I immediately did everything possible and implemented this idea and started working on it.

I was not aware of this until this day.

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